Our Kent Home Care live in care and support workers provide a professional high quality service through excellent training, proven skills in the care industry and a general caring and family attitude towards to helping others.


Our live in care and support solutions can be arranged to suit the receiver of the service, ensuring flexibility in any Kent Home Care solution for our customers.


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You will be surprised to know that Live in Care and support from Kent Home Care is comparable to the charges which you may see from a residential home, which is one of many reasons why this division of our company has seen so much growth over recent years.


A Kent Home Care and Support solution starts from £850 per week.


Combined with funding which some may be entitled to which includes direct payments, independent living fund and disability allowance for example, the cost of a professional, flexible and high quality, caring solution from Kent Home Care is now an affordable and alternative option to the more traditional, group care settings like residential homes.

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