A Social Care Provider

It is not just about providing a high quality care service, but also about engaging socially with our customers. Playing a part in the social activities of our customers has improved the outlook of many in terms of what they can expect and get out of life as an older person.


The element of social care can be seen throughout our Live in Carer’s daily and weekly plans with our customers.

Ensuring that an accurate assessment and answering all the questions of those involved in the decision of choosing Kent Home Care ensures a smooth transition when transferring to us.

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Engaging socially with our customers does not mean going to the pub or partying till dawn, although a weekly trip to local is something that I would like to have in my care solution.


Social engagement is about interaction with others, meeting other people and doing the activities you love and enjoy, with those who you wish to share your time with.

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A Social Care Provider

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